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India, China, Japan and South East Asia have given birth to many holistic health forms over several millennia. The concept of health and well-being is integrated with the idea of the whole. The whole person has many parts that don't exist as isolated fragments but are completely synchronised to function in balance. This balance, when disturbed causes discomfort and illness. Wellness is to service our being as a whole.


Our first venture was with acupressure massage tools having come across a workshop of traditional artisans in a part of India associated with ayurvedic medicine. These tools are designed by massage therapists and medical practicioners and made from quality neem wood. This effort proved a surprising success when introduced to Ireland and Germany through exhibitions and promotion among professional organisations.

We are small startup business importing quality accessories and products for holistic health and body care from the East. Although we are partial to older traditional methods, we do investigate and embrace new technologies while maintaining our holistic viewpoint.

We are currently expanding our product line to include massage oils, teas and herbal drinks, Far InfraRed portable saunas, steam saunas and Chi machines.

These are fair trade products


India Workshop

Indian Artisans

We uphold a fair trade policy agreement buying direct from the source at reasonably negotiated prices


Our wood tools are uniquely crafted to facilitate locating and applying pressure on reflex points difficult to access with hand or fingers only. They also reduce the force required to accomplish the same result

Orchid Books

Expanding your knowledge on acupressure? Compare with other sciences, conventional and alternative?