Acupressure Massage Tools  
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The Indian sub-continent has given birth to many holistic health forms over several millennia. We proudly present our range of NEEM WOOD acupressure and reflexology massage aids to enhance health and well-being


Acupressure massage tools each designed uniquely for various parts of the body structure

Tradtional and hand-carved

These quality handmade products have been crafted by artisans in South India for centuries

Reflexologists comment that these special tools reduce their fatigue and promote faster self-healing in their clients

These are fair trade products We uphold a fair trade policy agreement buying direct from the source at reasonably negotiated prices

We use NO rainforest wood products. Each piece is hand-carved from neem (mahogany wood sort) and ecologically finished - dipped in beeswax blended oils

Give your body
and mind
a truly invigorating

Neem wood used in most of our tools is renowned for its health beneficial oil and essences

These wood tools are uniquely crafted to facilitate locating and applying pressure on reflex points difficult to access with hand or fingers only. They also reduce the force required to accomplish the same result